Music Demo & Video Service

Turning a Song with Our Lyrics into a Music Demo or Video

If we write the lyrics for you, we can also create a music demo, working with our contacts with recording studios.  Or we can create a video working with a videographer or a video producer using a video platform where we combine photos, graphics, video clips, text, and the audio track of the song.

If we hire a videographer for you, the videographer will do everything from finding the locations and actors to editing your final music video and providing it to you in various formats  you can post on your website, on the social media, on YouTube, or on other video platforms

You can see some examples of the music demos and music videos we have already created on the website.

The many benefits of having your own music video include:

 Gain interest in your music or performance by posting your video on YouTube and the social media.

Use the video to help you pitch your song to music publishers, record labels, and music agents and managers.

Show your video at parties, conferences, workshops, and other events.

Share your video with your family and friends.

Call us for more details on how this works.

We currently only create these music demos and videos if we initially write the lyrics.

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